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What You Should Know About Total Cost of Ownership for Workgroup ADF Document Scanners

Without a doubt, there are a number of top-notch workgroup Automatic Document Feed (ADF) document scanners on today’s market. Most, if not all, will provide quality results in digitally capturing your documents. So, you plunk down hard earned cash on a document scanner that should meet your needs and, quite likely, caught your eye.

What may not have caught your eye is what workgroup scanners will cost your business or practice over the next 3 years in consumables, maintenance, potential out-of warranty repairs and energy consumption—Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We recommend taking TCO into account when making document scanner purchasing decisions.

We believe Ambir Technology document scanners provide you top-notch results with the lowest TCO in the industry based on our research. We compared our scanners in two popular speed categories (pages-per-minute) against popular models offered by our competition to determine 3-year TCO—3 years is the industry standard for TCO calculation.

We are basing our 3-year TCO on following criteria:
• 1500 scans per day
• 5 hours-per-day operation
• 250 days-per-year
• list price
• warranty length
• purchasing 12 consumable and maintenance kits over 3 years (unless otherwise noted)
• power consumption

Let’s take a look at 3-year TCO for two popular groups of workgroup scanners.

3-Year TCO for 30-45 ppm scanners The first group scans 30-45 pages-per-minute (ppm). We’ve compared the Ambir DS930, Ambir DS940, one offering from Brand E, two from Brand X and one from Brand H. Cited costs are rounded up to the next full dollar amount.

3-Year TCO for 50-80 ppm scanners The second group scans 50-80 ppm. We’ve compared the Ambir DS 960, two offerings from Brand F and one from Brand C. Cited costs are rounded up the next full dollar amount. All scanners listed are rated at 60 ppm, except for the second offering from Brand F at 80 ppm.

Once again, Ambir has the lowest TCO in the comparison.

Grand Finale…Drum Roll Please Our research shows that 3-year TCO for all workgroup ADF document scanners–excluding Ambir ADF scanners—averages more than $2100. Ambir workgroup ADF document scanners 3-year TCO averages slightly over $1500.

Before you spend your hard earned cash on a document scanner that just happened to catch your eye, take a second look at TCO for it and comparative offerings. You’ll be glad you did.

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