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What’s New at Ambir?

Wondering what’s the latest technological update that could help improve your daily routine? No, it’s not an app, or any one of the new gadgets that Google is working on. It’s the latest in business card scanning. While it may not be the newest smartphone model, AmbirScan Business Card will streamline your workflow and make life that much more simple.

With major updates to digital solutions, seemingly everything has turned digital. But when it comes to business cards, many offices don’t have a digital solution. AmbirScan Business Card Software is built to enhance workflow in offices that rely heavily on business card usage. Compatible with many Ambir Scanners, this updated software is a valuable tool for eliminating busywork and clutter because it does the data entry for you. By digitizing your contact list, you are just seconds away from the information you need.

With features such as:

Business Card Scanning

AmbirScan Business Card Software does exactly what its name implies while being quick and easy to operate. Just insert a card into your Ambir scanner and scans automatically. Within seconds, the information on the card is read and can be easily imported into your Outlook contacts. The few seconds it takes to scan a card is only a fraction of the time you would spend hunting down the paper version. A digital library of business cards is one of the most affordable and effective ways to keep yourself organized. If you work in an industry where building and maintaining relationships is key, this is the product for you.


Profile Management

Once that data is in your computer, you’re in complete control of creating and customizing your scanning profiles. Choose between a variety of output types, including PDF, TIFF, JPG, Searchable PDF, Word or Excel. We recommend the Searchable PDF (sPDF) to make it easier to copy and paste information and look up contacts in the future. This software helps create a process that’s much more efficient than shuffling through a jumbled drawer of miscellaneous cards.



Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, when scanning, you can create Outlook contacts based on the card information or backup the data to CSV. Adding your contacts to Outlook ensures that all the information you need is readily available. From here, CSV files can be uploaded to third party CRMs, such as Salesforce and Google Contacts. Searching for keywords using this software is much easier than tracking down each physical copy of the business cards you need. Having the security of a backup option available means you’ll never lose a contact again.

Detecting Duplicate Contacts

This software detects and deletes duplicate contacts so you never need to worry about repeating information. If you ever need to update or change a contact, all fields are easy to edit and update.

The next time you find yourself searching through the bottomless pit of business cards in your desk drawer and wasting time in your busy workday tracking down an individual contact—remember AmbirScan Business Card Software and simplify your life!