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Why Choose a Wand Scanner?

There are many different kinds of scanners available on the market today, whether you are looking to digitize paperwork or capture images of ID cards. A portable option for scanning large-scale documents, however, can be difficult to find.

That’s where Ambir comes in with the new TravelScan Pro 300 Handheld Wand Scanner.

This scanner comes bundled with AmbirScan Stitching software. This allows users to piece together individual scans into large-scale documents making it perfect for blueprints, posters and design projects.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a wand scanner over other scanners or even the camera on your smartphone. Here are just a few ways that the TravelScan Pro 300 can solve everyday problems with ease:

Perfect for Travel

A wand scanner is the perfect travel companion due to its compact and light-weight design. It fits conveniently into any briefcase or purse for scanning on-the-go. Bring it with you on your next business trip or while running errands.

When you go mobile, the TravelScan Pro 300 goes with you. Micro SD card and batteries are included, letting you start scanning right away.

Scanning on the Spot

Have you ever been at the library or at the corner store and found a magazine article you want to save for later? You don’t have a desktop scanner on hand, and the picture on your phone is too hard to read.

If you carry a wand scanner, the solution is simple. All you need is a flat surface for scanning. With a simple swipe across the page, you can capture a high-quality digital copy in 300, 600 or 900 dpi.

Capturing Oversized Documents

The TravelScan Pro 300 is unique because it comes bundled with AmbirScan Stitching software. This software enables the creation of digital copies of large-scale documents that would otherwise be too large for most desktop scanners. Once your images are scanned, just connect your scanner to your computer and launch the software.

To see the process step by step, watch this short video:

That’s right, it’s that easy to stitch scans together into a single file! With the TravelScan Pro 300, you aren’t limited to just book-sized images.

Affordable Price

Scanning oversized documents used to require expensive flatbed scanners that could end up costing thousands of dollars. Just because you’re looking for a reliable scanner doesn’t mean you should have to pay such a hefty cost. With a compact and simple design, wand scanners often come at an affordable price.

Interested in learning more or picking up a wand scanner of your own? Click here to view the full details of the TravelScan Pro 300 and start scanning!