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Why Companies Rely on Fax for Sharing Information in 2020

With technology changing and adapting so rapidly, one might assume that faxing is a practice of the past. People value their time and space now more than ever, which is why most new technological upgrades are focusing on speed and sleek designs. While many have stepped away from the typical fax machine model, a large number of businesses still send faxes every single day. This is possible through versatile tools like a scanner. With double the functionality and convenience, the right scanner is able to handle initial data capture as well as the sharing of information. You get all the benefits of fax without the actual clunky, space-consuming machine.


Some may ask: Who needs to fax when you could just email? Well, you might benefit from faxing more than you’d think. Simply put, fax is more secure than email. When you send out a fax, there is more encryption to keep your valuable information private. With email, your information can easily be hacked or accessed by an unwanted party. In industries like finance, healthcare and government, keeping files confidential is a requirement and there is a consequence for if any details should leak. In order to protect this, faxing is the strongest option.


A scanner with fax capacity makes it easy to handle all of your paperwork in one step. There is no more need to go between various machines to collect, store and share information securely. Not only will this save time, but you won’t have to worry about the security of your data. With the ability to share information from office to office or between partners, it doesn’t matter if you need to send it one state over or to an entirely different continent. Ambir guarantees a high-powered, yet compact machine that will fit right into any work environment and provide a big impact on your paperwork processing workflow.


To bring you the best of scanning and fax, Ambir is proud to announce the strategic partnership with etherFAX and the introduction of fax capabilities for Ambir scanners. EtherFAX compatibility ensures secure, HIPAA compliant, data transfer that eliminates the need for a separate fax machine. With the addition of fax capabilities to the AmbirScan software, your scanner can quickly and easily scan information before faxing it to your desired source. Securely transfer data and manage critical fax communication for your business quickly and easily with this new capability.


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