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Why Document Scanning is Important in Healthcare

In healthcare, patients are the number one priority. But there are many tasks performed behind the scenes that are crucial to keeping hospitals and small practices running smoothly on a daily basis. Document scanning is essential to the overall productivity and organization in healthcare, whether you run a large chain of facilities or own a private practice.


Although tiresome at times, paperwork is necessary to make sure the patient’s latest information is current and accessible. It provides doctors and nurses easy access to all the important details that help them make informed treatment decisions.


Benefits to document scanning:

  • Digitize patient charts, billing information, lab results and insurance documents
  • Reduce costs and save space reserved for traditional filing needs
  • Allow up-to-date patient information to be readily available to both doctors and patients


Ambir has spent the past 20 years working alongside our customers in the healthcare industry to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions that integrate directly with all major EMR systems. Our scanners provide quick and precise imaging to make your paperwork process less time consuming. A versatile range of products ensures that there is support for all aspects of your organization.


We offer dedicated card scanners that are perfect for front desk registration, and document and card scanners that fit on WOW carts for increased mobility. Our more advanced ADF models are great for back office bulk scan jobs. There is an Ambir solution for every need.


If you are in the market for card or document scanner, check out this short video to see our products in action. For more information, contact our sales team today to find your best fit for effortless card and document capture. 1-630-530-5400 Ext. 2 or at