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Why you Should Invest in a New Scanner (and not chairs)

If it’s the end of the year, you or your employer might be faced with a surplus. This means that a certain branch, department, or company must spend any leftover money in a budget, or it will be deducted from the following year’s budget. If you’re still having trouble picturing this in your head, we have a useful quote from a renowned accountant from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“Your mommy and daddy give you ten dollars to open up a lemonade stand. So, you go out and buy cups and you buy sugar. And now you find out that it only costs you nine dollars…so you can give that dollar back to mommy and daddy, but guess what? Next summer…they’re gunna give you nine dollars.”

-Oscar Martinez

The issue of a surplus commonly causes some stress and divide within an office. There is always the difficult decision of what to spend the money on. However, there is usually a clear best answer, and that’s to invest in a new scanner. Your scanner is old and slow and everyone in the office hates it. It’s slowing down work and destroying the original copies. The best use of the excess money is to purchase a quality scanner, like the ImageScan Pro 820ix from Ambir Technology. That way, you won’t have to keep dealing with copy jams or slow scanning times. This scanner is made to scan heavy paper jobs, id cards, Driver’s Licenses and more. It’s the obvious right choice to spend the surplus on.

However, some of your coworkers might have a harder time accepting the fact that the surplus money will be appropriately spent on a device that your company needs. Instead, the receptionist might try and push the idea of new chairs. The idea of new chairs is ridiculous because the receptionist uses the scanner more than anyone, so they should know how badly you need a new one, specifically, one from Ambir Technology.

A scanner is the backbone of an office, while chairs simply support the backbone. A good scanner determines the digital quality and accuracy of the company’s information. Without a quality scanner, an office cannot hope to run properly. A new scanner ensures that an office is running at its best and producing its best quality of work. To see more innovative scanners like the ImageScan Pro 820ix, browse through our website at

Here’s why we can legally make The Office jokes: Under U.S. Copyright Law, a parody can be considered a “derivative” work protected from copyright infringement claims by the fair use doctrine.