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Why Your Biz Can Benefit Big Time by Using Electronic Signatures

Life is quickly becoming technology centric. Ten years ago, nobody would have imagined being able to change their temperature settings in their home from an app, but today, it and so many other advances make life more convenient.

For instance, businesses now are able to use e-signature solutions to sign vital documents.

1. Alleviate the Need to Fax

E-signatures alleviate a business from needing to have a fax machine running. For those without a fax, having to sign a document is quite a pain. E-signatures don’t require a person to have a fax machine, pay to use an online fax service or need to go to a Kinko’s to use theirs. With an e-signature, the individual may deliver the signed document with a simple click of the word «Send.» It reduces the need for the person to have to scan an already signed document and then send it.

2. Quicker

The act of signing material electronically is much quicker. A person uses their mouse, stylus or finger to create a signature. Both parties can have the document within minutes. Faxing takes much more time, and the mail can take up to a week to send to another state in the U.S. This isn’t taking into consideration trying to find the time to fax or send the document by mail is inconvenient. Not to mention, if there are issues with the fax machine, it takes even longer. And if the person has the meet the client in person, the wait is even longer, especially when trying to correlate schedules.

3. Saves Money  

Stamps cost money, and it costs money to drive to a location where a fax machine is. Not to mention, someone has to pay for the cost of all the paper faxing wastes. The stamps cost money as well and can add up if a business sends a great deal of mail.

4. Don’t Have to Drive 

A person does not have to drive anywhere to meet another individual to sign a document. It’s inconvenient to have to drive somewhere to fax. And the post office can oftentimes have a long line that a person will need to wait in just to purchase stamps. E-signing rids a person of having to leave the office, or even his or her own home, to sign a document.

5. More Accurate 

The entire process is more accurate. When an electronic signature service requires certain fields, a document is completely finished each time; therefore, resigning isn’t an issue. Additionally, there’s more room for security features.

6. Less Room for Problems

Problems happen with fax machines. Cars break down when a person must commute from one place to another. Troubleshooting doesn’t always fix the problem, and the person may then need to have the machine repaired.

7. No Need for Tracking

A person doesn’t need to waste time monitoring the status of a fax or letter. Sending an e-signature happens in real-time.

8. Convenient

An individual can work whenever without the need to make time for the transaction.

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