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Cleaning your nScan 1060

1. Clean Pick Rollers, Separation Rollers, Friction Rollers, Feed Rollers

Wipe the pick rollers

(See figure 1, top) and separation rollers (See figure 1, bottom), positioned below the paper chute, as well as the friction rollers (See figure 2), positioned opposite the separation rollers, from top to bottom (in the direction of the arrow shown in the picture).

Wipe the feed rollers

(See figure 3), positioned below the separation rollers, from side to side. Make sure to use added pressure to rotate the feedrollers. Repeat cleaning until all dust residue has been removed.

2. Clean ADF Glass


3. Clean detectors and sensors

Remove dust from the double-feed detectors and other sensors with a cotton swab. DO NOT use alcohol, water, or detergent and liquid.