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Dental Solutions

At Ambir, we’ve spent almost 20 years serving clients in the healthcare industry, growing alongside organizations as their workflow evolves with the latest technology. We understand how valuable it is to have a secure and reliable system you can count on.

Key Benefits

As the market leader in card and document scanners, Ambir Technology offers a wide range of products that are:

  • Compatible with most EMR and practice management software.
  • TWAIN-compliant and Citrix ready.
  • Built to fit your workflow, whether at the registration desk or back office

Quality Scans for Quality Care

Our mission is to reduce the hassle of your paperwork process to create a more efficient and productive workflow. With all of the crucial patient information conveniently scanned and saved locally in your system, you are free to focus more of your time on quality patient care.

Prioritizing Security and Efficiency

We understand that in dentistry it is especially important that patient information is collected and stored properly to ensure security and future accessibility. Quickly scan, save and share files with just the click of a button directly to your computer or EMR system. Name each file for easy retrieval with a quick keyword search.

Recommended Products


ImageScan Pro PS667 Simplex A6 ID Card Scanner with AmbirScan (PS667-AS)



ImageScan Pro DS687 Duplex A6 ID Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS687-AS)



nScan DS690gt Duplex Card Scanner w/ AmbirScan (DS690GT-AS)



ImageScan Pro 820ix 20ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner (DS820IX-AS)



nScan 940gt 40ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner with AmbirScan ADF-gt Software (DS940GT-AS)