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With nearly 20 years of expertise in the healthcare industry, Ambir Technology provides best-in-class card and document scanners that offer EMR compatibility and HIPAA compliance. The value of Ambir is clear. On average, Epic users who make the switch to Ambir save hundreds of thousands of dollars per deployment. With Epic software and the right scanner tailored to fit your personal workflow, document management can be a simple, streamlined process. Keep your team up to date with easily accessible digitized patient information, giving you more time to focus on patient’s needs.

Key Benefits of Ambir with Epic

As the market leader in card and document scanners, Ambir Technology offers a wide range of products that are:

  • Enables rapid, accurate electronic image capture of patient forms and credentials required for check-in and processing.
  • Citrix ready and compatible with thousands of TWAIN-compliant software applications.
  • Easy to setup and maintain, requiring no extensive training

Recommended Products


nScan DS690gt Duplex Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS690GT-AS)



ImageScan Pro DS687 Duplex A6 ID Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS687-AS)



ImageScan Pro PS667 Simplex A6 ID Card Scanner with AmbirScan (PS667-AS)



ImageScan Pro 490i Duplex Document and Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS490-AS)



TravelScan Pro 600 Simplex Document and Card Scanner with AmbirScan (PS600-AS)



Ambir nSign SP110 Signature Pad for Epic (SP110-EP)


nScan 700gt Hybrid Duplex Document and Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS700GT-AS)



ImageScan Pro 820ix 20ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner (DS820IX-AS)



ImageScan Pro 830ix 30ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner (DS830IX-AS)



nScan 940gt 40ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner with AmbirScan ADF-gt Software (DS940GT-AS)