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EtherFax Sheetfed Scanner Setup Instructions

Step 1.

Download your scanner driver from the list.

Step 2.
Find the downloaded file either in your downloads folder
or the browser interface, and click on the file to install the driver.

Step 3.

Plug in your scanner.

Step 4.

Download and Install AmbirScan.

Step 5:

Click on the AmbirScan Icon on your desktop.

Step 6:

Click on the Advanced settings

Step 7.
Click on Register Etherfax

Step 8.
Copy the Machine Code to the clipboard by right
clicking on the machine code and selecting copy.

Step 9.
Open a web browser and go to
and log into your etherFAX account

Step 10.
Click on Devices

Step 11.
Click on +Devices

Step 12.
Select Ambir in the dropdown, paste the machine code into the serial number field, type in a description, and then toggle the device enabled setting.

Step 13.
Click Save

Step 14.
Click on the newly added device

Step 15.
Assign a DID and hit save.

Step 16.
A. On the Device Screen, Check the checkbox next to your newly added device
B.In the bottom Multi-Edit Section select receive enable
C. Check the checkbox next to Apply changes.
D. Click Apply Change.

Step 17.
Leave the website and go back to the AmbirScan interface and click Register service on the screen that gave you the machine code. This will finish registering AmbirScan with EtherFAX.

Step 18.
Select the Scan tab in AmbirScan and scan a document.

Step 19.
Once you have scanned a document go to the Cloud tab grab the document and drag it to the etherFAX icon.

Step 20.
Select Fax Number and type in the recipient number you want to fax to and hit send to etherFAX. You will have the option to add this number to your Existing Fax Destinations.

You have Just sent your first Fax via AmbirScan.

For question or if you are experiencing setup issues please contact AmbirScan Customer service and a technician will help walk you through any setup challenges. 630-530-5400 option 3 Monday – Friday 8 to 5 CST.