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No Power/Scanner Not Connected Error

If you received an error message that your scanner is not connected, there may be a problem with the driver. This can be caused by several factors, the most common being incorrect driver installation or incomplete driver installation. Below is a screenshot of what the error looks like:

To troubleshoot, complete the steps below:

  1. Verify you have the correct driver installed.
    1. Open Device Manager and confirm the model name under Imaging Devices matches what is on your scanner.
      1. If you see the name of your scanner under Other devices with a yellow triangle next to it, that means the driver is not installed, or the wrong driver is installed. See next steps.
    2. Uninstall the scanner driver
      1. Unplug your scanner from the computer.
      2. Go to Programs and Features in your Control Panel.
      3. Locate your scanner driver.
      4. Highlight the driver and uninstall.
      5. Go to and search for your scanner.
      6. Install the driver.
      7. Plug your scanner back into the computer.
      8. Check the Device Manager.
      9. Your scanner should be listed under Imaging Devices.

Why Isn’t the Scanner Pulling my Card/Document?

If your scanner is not automatically pulling your card/document when inserting into the scanner, verify that Auto Scan is turned on. 

The image below displays when Auto Scan is turned off:


To turn on Auto Scan, click the Auto Scan button. You should see the following image when Auto Scan is on: