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Do I need an etherFAX account to send faxes with Ambir Scanners?


Are there any alternative FAX providers other than etherFAX compatible with Ambir Software?


Does Ambir Provide an etherFAX account with the purchase of a scanner?

No, Ambir does not provide or bundle any etherFAX account(s) with the purchase of a scanner.

How do I get an etherFAX account?

Please reach out to the Ambir Sales team and they will start the process for you.

If I have an etherFAX account and have questions on my service plan or bill who should I contact?

Please contact etherFAX for any etherFAX related account or billing questions.

Who do I call if my scanner is not working? 

All hardware issues should be directed towards the Ambir Technology Technical Support team.

Where do I go for setup instructions for etherFAX?

For sheetfed Scanners go to. For ADF scanners go to.

I get a “Receive fax is not allowed on the device. Please contact support team.” Error message

Please make sure Receive fax is allowed for the device.

Receive fax can be enabled from etherFax portal.

Steps to enable Receive on device:

  1. Login to etherFax portal
  2. Select the Devices and scroll down the page.
  3. From Multi Edit dropdown/pulldown => Select «Receive Enable» and Click on «Apply Change

I get the error “»Please install the etherFAX service by selecting ‘etherFAX’”

Steps to Verify:

  1. Open Run type Services.msc
  2. Look for AmbirFaxService – Status : Running
  3. If AmbirFaxService is not present – make sure it is installed properly