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How do I send expenses to a CSV/excel file or expense report?

Select any expenses you want to send in your My Receipts tab and then right click to send

Is AmbirScan Receipt free?

Customers who purchase a -RS sku scanner will receive a license key for full use of the software. No additional purchase is necessary.

If you have previously purchased an Ambir scanner and would like to try the ambirscan receipts software call our sales line at 630-530-5400 or email to get a free 14 day trial. You can purchase the software on as well.

Does this software read text on both sides of the receipt?

No. The reading software is only available on the front-face of the receipt.

Can I scan through multiple receipts in a single receipt sleeve?

No. Only one receipt can go through the scanner in a receipt sleeve.

Where are the images of my receipts stored?

The receipt images scan to the C:\Users\Public\Documents\AmbirScan\Receipts folder. You can access this folder through a shortcut on your desktop called Receipts.

What can I do to get better image quality of my receipts?

If they receipt did not scan well that can impact the image quality of the receipt. Rescanning the receipt with the receipt sleeve can help with any SKUing or scanning issues. Also with some ambir scanners the image quality will fade the scanner needs to be recalibrated. Go to the help tab and hit Calibrate Your Scanner. This will prompt you to calibrate your device.

Can I scan receipts without a receipt sleeve?

Yes. The receipt sleeve does provide improved feeding through ambir scanners.

Can I change where my receipt images are stored?

No. At this time the scanned images will always go to the designated receipts folder.