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How do I calibrate my scanner?

To calibrate in AmbirScan, complete the following steps:

  1. Open AmbirScan.
  2. Deselect Auto Scan (Note: when deselected, circular arrows will be displayed on the button).
  3. Click on Settings on the left side menu.
  4. Insert your calibration sheet.
  5. Select Calibration.
  6. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete calibration.

If calibration does not fix your scan quality, it is recommended you clean the scanner.

How do I clean my sheetfed scanner?

Non-IX series scanners (excluding PS667ix):

  1. Lightly spray a lens cleaning solution on the cleaning sheet provided. If you do not have a spray, place a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the sheet.
  2. Open the AmbirScan
  3. Click on Settings in the left side menu.
  4. Place the cleaning sheet in the scanner.
  5. Select Cleaning.
  6. Click OK to finish

 IX Series Scanners

  1. Gently open the scanner top*. Lightly spray a lens cleaning solution on the lens.
  2. Wipe the cleaning solution off the lens with the cleaning cloth provided. If you do not have the cleaning cloth that came with your scanner, please use a lint-free cloth.

*Excludes PS667ix. Please follow non-IX series cleaning instructions for PS667ix models.

High-Speed Scanners

  1. Click the Start button or Windows icon on the lower left side of the computer screen.
  2. Select the folder corresponding to the name listed on the front of your scanner.
  3. Click Calibration Wizard.
  4. Follow the on screen prompts.

*Cleaning is not an option in this software.

Do I need to calibrate my new scanner?

Any scanner ending with –IX comes pre-calibrated from the factory. No initial calibration is required. However, calibration may be needed if image quality declines.

All scanners which do not have –IX in the model name require initial calibration before scanning.

I lost my calibration sheet. What can I do?

For optimal performance, calibration sheets are strongly recommended and can be purchased here.

If you need to calibrate in the interim, you may use a plain white sheet of 8×11 ½ sheet of paper. For card scanners, fold the sheet lengthwise to fit the scanner. No not cut the paper.

Please note this calibration may not produce optimal image quality.

How often should I clean and calibrate my scanner?

If you notice a decline in image quality, you should re-calibrate your scanner. For an average user, we recommend calibrating your scanner about every three months. For heavy users, once a month may be necessary. Generally, the best indicator of a needed cleaning will be the appearance of any black streaks, or if your auto-crop/auto-size functions stop working on scans.<strong/h4>

How many times can I use my cleaning and calibration sheets?

Cleaning sheets may be reused until noticeably dirty. Calibration sheets may be reused indefinitely until damaged or lost. You may purchase cleaning and calibration sheets here.