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How do I calibrate my scanner?

  1. Click the Start button or Windows icon on the lower left side of the computer screen.
  2. Open the folder corresponding to the scanner name listed on the front of your scanner (ex: Ambir ImageScan Pro 820ix).
  3. Click Calibration Wizard in the folder.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts.

How do I clean my scanner?

For best results, lightly spray the scanner cleaning solution onto the cleaning cloth and gently wipe the inside of the scanner, including the rollers. If you do not have cleaning solution available, you may also use rubbing alcohol. Do not use water to clean your scanner.

I lost my calibration sheet. What can I do?

For optimal performance, calibration sheets are strongly recommended and can be purchased here.

If you need to calibrate in the interim, you may use a plain white sheet of 8×11 ½ sheet of paper. For card scanners, fold the sheet lengthwise to fit the scanner. No not cut the paper.

Please note this calibration may not produce optimal image quality.