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How does the nScan 915i connect to networks?

Either via a wired Ethernet connection or WiFi.

Will the nScan 915i work on a VPN?


Do I have to understand networking to setup the nScan915i?

No. However, if you are scanning to SMB Network Folder, SharePoint or FTP you need to know how to grant the nScan 915i access to these destinations. An easy way to bypass all of the networking complexity is to install the nScan client application on your PC or Mac. The nScan 915i will automatically detect your PC or Mac and present it as a scanning destination.

What is the difference between scanning to a SMB Network Share and using the PC and Mac client software?

When you set up an SMB Network Share, only users with proper access privileges can scan to that share. If you use the PC or Mac client software, anyone using the nScan 915i can scan to any computer that has the software installed. Also, using an SMB Network Shares, you can configure more than one destination folder on a PC, or manually select a folder while scanning, whereas you can only specify one folder with the PC and Mac client.

Is LDAP or Active Directory supported for user access?

No. However, if you are scanning to SharePoint, you can force the scanner to require the user enter their SharePoint username and password to save the scan to the SharePoint repository.

Can the nScan 915i be remotely managed?

No. The nScan 915i does not respond to any inbound network traffic which prevents unauthorized access from external sources.

Can the nScan 915i save documents to SMB Network Shares in different subnets?

Yes. If the SMB share is not found by the server name, you can enter the server