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What is the scanning workflow like?

For repeated jobs, you can set up single touch Job buttons. You just simply load your documents and press the job button. The document is then sent with a single touch of the screen.

For Ad-hoc scanning, scanning is self-guided. Simply load your documents and touch the nScan button. You are then guided through the scanning, editing and saving processes.

Can I edit, delete or rescan images before they are saved?

Yes. You can review, edit, reorder, or rescan images before they are sent to the destination.

Can scan “Jobs” be set for future one touch scanning?

Yes. At the end of a scan job you have the option of storing a job and assigning it to a “group”. There are no limits to the number of jobs and groups that you may setup with the nScan 915i.

Can I scan to multiple destinations (e.g. Scan to Email, Scan to Mobile device, etc.)?

Yes. At the end of a scan job you have the option to send that same job to another destination.

Can I configure the nScan 915i so the Jobs screen replaces the main screen?

Yes. See the Administrators Guide for details.

Can I append keywords or index values to the saved file name?

No. However, the nScan 915i allows you to change the file name before the document is sent to the destination.

How do I edit any of the settings of a saved scan job?

The nScan 915i doesn’t have an editing function to modify any of the settings in a saved job scan. You would delete the scan job that you would like to modify, then scan some items with the desired settings/scan destinations and save as a new job.