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I changed my password and now can’t remember what it is.

Uninstall nSign Connect from your PC via Programs and Features. Reinstall the software and the passwords will default to their original settings.

It’s taking a few minutes to save my form after signing.

Most likely you are in Cloud mode. Please note Cloud service is set to auto save every minute. If you do not see your form after completion, check again in another minute. If it’s still not there, contact Support.

The LED light in nSign Connect is red.

This means your tablet is either in sleep mode or has been disconnected from the network. Try sending a document to wake the tablet up. If that doesn’t work, check your network connectivity and be sure the tablet is on the correct network. If you still have problems, contact Support.

What is GPS tracking used for?

When enabled in nSign Connect, puts the GPS location on the bottom of the document.