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Where will my signature pad show up in Device Manager?

If your signature pad has -RDP on the back, it will show up under Com devices. If the signature pad does not have a -RDP on the back, it will show up under Human Interface Devices.

I need to use my RDP pad over a RDP connection to a server with a 3rd party application. How do I set that up?

  1. Confirm you have a pad with a model: SP110-RDP or SP200-RDP. If you do not have this type of pad, you will not be able to use the signature pad over an RDP connection.
  2. Download and install the driver for the SP110-RDP or SP200-RDP here:
  3. Confirm port redirection is turned on for the RDP session. See below image for where to adjust the settings.











How do I sign into Adobe Reader?

Our signature pads do not come with an Adobe plugin. We suggest users use Signosign 2 software. You can find links to the software and how to setup your pads here:

Can I customize the background on my signature pads?

Yes. You can use the slideshow software to change the background image of your pad. Here is a link to the slideshow utility.

Why is my signature pad displaying a yellow mark next to it in device manager?

If your signature pad is displaying a yellow mark in Device Manager, you must install the driver for that pad. Click this link for the driver:

Why is my pad is no longer writing in the area that the pen is touching?

Unfortunately this is hardware issue that can not be fixed via update or calibration. Please contact Ambir Support to check the warranty status of that device.

How do I use the signature pads with QuickBooks?

Here is a link to a video that goes over using Ambir Signature pads with Quickbooks.

How do I setup a reusable document type in Signosign 2?

Here is a link to a video that goes over setting up a reusable document type.